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Comprehensive design and print features

  • For all leading printer makes

    Compatible with all leading makes of label printer with ZPL or ZPL emulation.

  • Easy label design

    Intuitive design process. On-screen design matches printed labels accurately. Rich set of features for handling variable data.

  • Printer settings

    Comprehensive selection of standard label sizes. Easy to create new label types and sizes. Settings for printer control - cutter, tear-off, continuous, black line sensing. Label designs retain printer settings for ease of use.

  • Design tools

    Standard label elements - text, barcodes, graphics, shapes. Full facilities for variable data - increment, decrement, serial numbers, date & time, option lists, database. Scripting language, datastore.

  • Data store

    Save information entered for labels when printing. Easy way to build up a list of labels. Makes selecting and printing of frequently used labels a breeze.

  • Print-only version

    Simple version for printing without design capability - easy to use interface, just select label from thumbnail list and print.

LabelDirect logo 48

Easy label design

Label design screen - element properties

Element characteristics are displayed and modified on the properties panel.

Large range of data sources for printing: fixed, keyboard, database, option list, incrementing number, date/time, calculation, combination macro-script, another element and picture selection.

Formatting Tab for more advanced features like currency formatting, copy fitting, allergen highlighting, prefix/suffix, filtering, padding, truncation, copy fit settings, justification and line spacing.

Both printer fonts for speedier printing and TrueType fonts available.

Pre-printed stationery background can be displayed to assist with accurate layout.

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Datastore and Label preview

Print data entry and preview screen

The print screen, here with keyboard input and preview of the label as it will be printed.

This label is set for “DataStore” a database creation tool where the keyboard entry can be saved. New products can be added and existing ones edited, removing the need for designing lots of separate labels or having to use an external spreadsheet or database.

The database created this way is in MDB format so is compatible with Excel or Access. Alternatively connection is available to any external spreadsheet or database including ones that can be accessed via ODBC. Powerful search and filter are available via SQL queries.

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Print-only version - Production

Print only screen for simple label production

Print-only version for use in a production setting – simple click and print label printing.

Password control where access to printing certain labels is needed.

Print history for a complete audit trail is available with the administrator utility.

LabelDirect logo 48


Works with most label printers (ZPL Emulation)
Licencing per workstation, unlimited printers
Label Design
100% WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
Direct display of selected element properties
Label and Printer setup wizards available
Wide range of variable data types available
Drag & Drop and sizing with mouse
Grid and Guide line control for accurate layout
Full position control with mouse, arrows or value entry
Settings for inverse, print (white on black)
Group alignment & properties tools
Undo/Redo multiple levels
Customised print time prompts
Export/import of templates and associated files
Automatic addition of prefix/suffix
Metric or Imperial ruler & measurement settings
Settings for max/min length, truncation and padding
Settings for constraints and coercion
Preferences settings – font, barcode, sizes etc
Optional display of pre-printed label background
Automatic emboldening for allergens in ingredients
Label/Printer Settings
Large selection of standard label sizes
Straightforward creation of new types & sizes
Settings for peel-off, tear-off & cutter
Settings for continuous, gap or black line sensing
Settings for multiple labels across web
Different settings can be saved with each label template
Select printer fonts or Truetype fonts
Automatic copy-fit and left, centre, right justification
Currency, Weight and numeric data types.
Control of no of decimal places for pricing, sizing units
Automatic formatting of currency £,p,$,¢,€ for pricing
Automatic formatting of units kg,g,m,cm,lb,oz for sizing
Constraint control for data input, Uppercase etc
All common symbologies including 2D
Uses printer generated barcodes for accuracy
GS1 UCC/EAN Wizard for application identifier generation
Automatic check digit calculation
Macro Scripting for non standard check digits etc
Human readable text options
Lines, Boxes and many graphic formats
Integrity of graphic maintained even when resized
Various algorithm choices for rendering to monochrome
Library of industry appropriate, scalable TrueType symbols
Variable graphic or symbol chosen by keyboard or database

Incrementing, Decrementing & Serialisation
Wide choice of ranges and custom ranges
Options for action on limit reached etc
Start value from fixed, keyboard, other element or database
Serial number memorised for next print run
Date & Time
Wide range of fixed and also custom formats available
Date/Time offsets from keyboard or database or calculated
Option Lists
Choose from predefined options at print time.
Options chosen can cause print of an associated
Print Time Processing
Basic-like, Macro Script language to control label variables
Real time calculations for currency, weight etc
Linking and concatenation of label variables
Wizard for easy connection
Multiple database types and OLEDB & ODBC for all others
Connection to spreadsheets or text files (csv etc)
SQL queries and sophisticated filter control
Create predefined filters or sql queries for print time
Copy quantity control from database fields
Print List creation from selected records with quantities
Create your own database appropriate to your label
Design label for keyboard input & allow database to be
created from data entered at print time
Data in mdb format can be read and edited by spreadsheet
or other database software
No limit on number of printers
Full preview of data on the label before print
Data entry from keyboard and or database
Create & save print jobs using Print List setup
Print to file facility, raw printer commands
Direct, command language print for high speed
Print speed optimisation, memory mode option, saves fixed
data in printer
Print-Only Version
Simple select and print interface
Click thumbnail view of labels for selection for print
Can add records to the Datastore, if permitted
Job Control
Print list can be created and saved for repeat print jobs
Management & Audit control
Password and user control of Design and or Print Only
Audit history of labels printed against time and user.
Database can be on remote network
No limit on number of printers on a network
Online tutorials, Sample labels included