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Label with the direct advantage

From the creators of the very first Windows label design software comes LabelDirect ZPL® – a PC labelling program written for printers that use the widely available ZPL® command language. Driving the printer more efficiently with reduced data offering unrivalled performance and direct control of your printer’s features.

LabelDirect avoids the complexities of making printer driver settings, presenting and controlling all the necessary settings from within the design software and controlling the printer directly using the printer driver only for connecting to the printer. Special settings appropriate to specific label types and printers are saved within the label template simplifying the control of accurate print production. 

LabelDirect offers all the features you would ever need from a professional label printing package with the emphasis on presenting a clear and straightforward user interface.

  • Fastest possible print speed
  • 100% WYSIWYG design including accurate printer font representation
  • Full software control of printer features and settings
  • Comprehensive range of variable data types
  • Intuitive design tools – design labels in minutes
  • Support for all major label printer ranges
  • Any number of printers, local or on a network
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Supports all major label printers

Works with Zebra, TSC, Honeywell, Citizen & Sato printers or any printer that is compatible with ZPL® command language. One product for all major label printer types.

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Label design in fewer mouse clicks

LabelDirect design screen and sample printer output

This shows the design screen with Printer and stock settings displayed on the right hand side of the screen for easy editing. There is no need to dive into the printer driver – all the settings are made here, saved with the label design template and automatically applied at print time.

The screen shows both the label appearance and orientation as it will come out of the printer to make life easier and take the guesswork out of label set up.